Workplace Advice

Mikaela McDermott Law provides employment law advice for businesses throughout Massachusetts. From managing specific issues that arise in the workplace to helping businesses understand how state and federal laws apply to them, Mikaela McDermott provides personalized legal advice focused on helping businesses thrive.

Business Compliance

All businesses must comply with a broad spectrum of employment laws and regulations. The challenge for many businesses is that they do not have enough time, personnel, and resources to manage their compliance efforts. Whatever the industry, Mikaela can help your business navigate the legal and regulatory landscape. Some of the compliance services she provides are:

  • Handbook and policy drafting and review
  • Worker classification audits
  • FLSA audits
  • Pay equity audits

From identifying potential risks to implementing tailored, cost-effective compliance programs, Mikaela can spearhead your compliance efforts so that you can focus on your core business operations.

Legal Counsel in Difficult Situations

In addition to compliance challenges, businesses face numerous day-to-day employment challenges. These situations can require immediate attention and consume valuable time and resources, and making the wrong decision can result in significant liability. Businesses that do not have in-house counsel or a large human resources team need someone they can turn to for timely advice. Mikaela provides her clients with prompt employment guidance in a multitude of areas, including:

  • Employee counseling, discipline, and termination
  • Disability accommodations
  • Religious accommodations
  • Employment contracts
  • Severance agreements

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