One of the biggest challenges of the legal profession is controlling work volume. With over 20 years of legal experience, both in large law firms and in local government, Mikaela McDermott provides legal research and writing services to attorneys and law firms needing additional assistance.

Diving Deep into Complex Legal Issues

Mikaela has repeatedly been called upon to analyze and explain complex legal issues throughout her career. She has been recognized for drafting clear, accurate, and persuasive legal documents, including memoranda, briefs, and pleadings. She has experience in a wide range of legal subject matters, including:

  • Contract law
  • Tort law
  • Constitutional law
  • Immigration law
  • Employment law
  • Labor law
  • Legal ethics
  • Data security
  • Environmental law
  • Procurement law
  • Massachusetts Open Meeting Law
  • Massachusetts Public Records Law
  • Massachusetts Conflict of Interest Law

Why Experience Matters

As a seasoned and versatile lawyer, Mikaela knows the importance of drilling into the details and understanding the nuances. She understands the value of simplifying and clarifying complex matters. She also understands the importance of persuasive rhetoric. As a litigator and former City Solicitor, Mikaela produces documents ready for filing or transmission to clients, not rough drafts requiring heavy editing.

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